News / Oct 8, 2021

“All staff is our family policy”, YSS takes care all, from staff to their family

“All staff is our family policy”, YSS takes care all, from staff to their family, by co-operating with Thammasat University Hospital arrange Check & Cure program.

Mr.Pinyo Phanitkasem, CEO of YSS Thailand, announces the pro-active policy to protect and prevent YSS staff and their family from the Covid-19. To ensure all staff and their family are safe, they must pass the Antigen test kit (ATK) on Monday before start working, additionally, for staff who contact with outside partner must pass the Antigen test kit (ATK) twice a week, on Monday and Thursday.

YSS corporates with Thammasat University Hospital to arrange the process of treatment for not only the YSS staff but also their family. When the patient is identified, YSS will take them into the process immediately. By using our own special transportation, we can quickly take the patient to the X-ray and see the doctor at the hospital.

In case of diagnosing and Home Isolation is required, the patient will be inspected symptom 24 hrs. by the medical team and YSS will provide a thermometer, fingertip pulse oximeter and necessary medicine. Moreover, during the treatment process, YSS will supply all meals full of nutrition advised by nutrition consultant. Significantly, the treatment process providing for the patient is without any cost or burden. This pro-active policy is another responsibility of YSS, beside arranging Sino Pharm jab to staff which is currently injected to 95% of staff and will be 100% within August.

“We see all staff as one of the family’s member” is not just a statement but we set the process and corporate with the hospital to ensure that family member must get the proper treatment.

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