News / Oct 8, 2021

Alpha Drive trusts YSS Thailand Shock installed on the Snowrider!

YSS, Thai suspension, is the first brand in Asia certified for national type approval (ABE) by TUV Rheinland, and has been widely accepted by many countries in term of technology and value for money. YSS was not only suspension for motorbike but it has been a suspension developed for the snowbike for more than 3 years.

YSS suspension is chosen by Alpha Drive, Russian manufacturer of Snowrider conversion kit that changes your normal motorbike into snowbike, and installed on WENDIGO120, WENDIGO127 and WENDIGO137. YSS front fork and rear suspension can provide better handling, comfort, and safety by controlling the damping of the movement between the ski, track chassis and the motorbike body.


YSS develops and produces more than 7500 item covering 2600 models of car, off road, scooter, ATV and UTV etc. for daily usage and for the international race.